Arbitria Quum Notitia (AQN) n. – Decisions with Data; from the Latin phrase: “using information to decide”
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About Us

AQN Strategies is an international consultancy with unparalleled access to financial firms, large and small.

We deliver data-based strategy solutions for our clients in a variety of industries and specialties including, Credit Card, Banking, Installment Loan, Mortgage, Auto-Finance



AQN's Mission is to bring the smartest people, the best tools, and relevant experience to solve our clients’ most critical problems.

We value impact -- both for our employees and for our clients. We strive to enable our employees to use cutting-edge tools to impact decisions at our clients and within our own firm. Furthermore, we use a data-driven approach to ensure that we deliver impact to clients that is a multiple of engagement cost.


The AQN Approach

AQN provides our clients the data tools, analytical resources, and strategic guidance to take your data-driven strategy to the next level.

Improving as a data-driven organization requires more than cutting-edge technology (though that's important too!). To compete, and win, organizations must adopt a decision-making process that considers data at every step. This process consists of 5 common steps: Observe, Orient, Decide, Take Action, Monitor. AQN Strategies helps our clients find, analyze, and use data in the each step in the decision process.


Observe, Orient

Gain a deep understanding or your current economic situation and the opportunities available to you.

For example, AQN may start by building lifetime value estimates (NPV) of each new customer you book. This will help you identify which products, marketing channels, risk buckets, and product terms are unprofitable; the tool will also enable you to test customer treatments, design products and strategies, and orient your firm in the marketplace related to competitors.

Decide, Take Action

Analysis and model results are useless if they are not oriented toward making decisions and taking action - use newly found insights from the observe and orient phase to make actionable decisions.

AQN can guide you through divesting from unprofitable segments, investing in testing new segments, and optimizing the performance of existing accounts. Deciding these strategies is an analytically rigorous process, which is why AQN brings in practitioners from the industry to guide you in this process.




Finally, the data-driven organization will constantly monitor KPI's and experimental results to make tweaks and adjustments to its strategy over time. To be competitive, you must have an efficient feedback loop that reduces the time between making a decision, monitoring the outcome of the decision, and executing adjustments based on the monitoring.

AQN can build automated dashboards that will highlight the key KPI's of your business, train your executives to use these dashboards, and teach your organization to regularly focus on decreasing that feedback loop. There are many firms that can build you BI tools, but only AQN focuses on the use-case of the reporting so that it aligns with your organziational strategy.


Our Team


Our firm consists of practitioners with decades of relevant experience leading teams of world-class business analysts empowered with sophisticated tools and up-to-date access to industry research.


Ben Sabloff

Managing Partner
Accomplished executive with credit risk, business strategy, mergers & acquisitions and business line P&L management experience at Fortune 500 banks, including 13 years at Capital One. Ben’s background enables him to bring a practicality and hands-on orientation to his consulting work.

Ben holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and a BS dual degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Richmond.


Colin Nance

Colin has spent the past 20 years--including 12 years at Capital One and HSBC--working with and advising companies in several national scale consumer and commercial lending businesses. Colin brings experience in credit risk, marketing, modeling, product management, and pricing.

Colin holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Management and a BS degree in Engineering from Princeton University.


John Crenshaw

Managing Director
John has twenty years of experience in consumer analytics, marketing, and credit in Credit Cards, Auto Lending, Mortgage, Personal Loans, and Small Business lending. Leadership experiences include business line management, acquisitions and integration, operations, technology, and regulation from start ups to top five banks.

John holds a BS dual degree in Operation Research and Environmental Engineering from Princeton University.

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Matt Long

Senior Advisor
Matt has twenty-five years of experience in credit risk management, risk-based pricing, credit policy, regression modeling, and loan economic forecasting. Matt started his career at Capital One and was responsible for the launch of its installment lending product and was instrumental in the creation of Capital One Auto Finance. In addition to his experience as a practitioner, Matt has spent 15 years as an economic consultant on consumer finance products.

Matt holds a BS in Commerce from University of Virginia. 


Work for AQN

Are you a talented, energetic, and analytically-thinking person? Do you want the opportunity to travel the world and work with top minds in the finance industry to solve complex problems? Do you like wearing different hats and having variety in your day-to-day work? If so, odds are AQN is the right place for you.


Work with the best

AQN is a practitioner-driven firm. We live at the center of the financial services industry - with a world-class team and unparalleled network.  We deliver the best value to our clients, while giving our consultants the opportunity to build their career. 


No two days alike

Every day at AQN is different. Our consultants gain experience and knowledge while working on projects across the financial services industry - from disruptive fintechs to some of the world's leading banks. 


Build something great

At AQN you have the opportunity to develop yourself as an individual, while also being a key part of building a revolutionary firm. From industry research to client engagements, you will have the opportunity to make a substantial impact on our clients, and on our firm.