Jeff Tennenbaum Joins AQN as a Managing Director and Head of Business Development

We’re excited to announce that Jeff Tennenbaum is joining the leadership team at AQN Strategies as a Managing Director and Head of Business Development. Jeff will be responsible for driving growth in each of AQN’s lines of business, as well as establishing AQN’s brand as the “go-to” for strategic thinking and development of analytical capabilities required to compete in the financial services industry today.

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Using Acquisition PV: Digital Affiliate Partner Evaluation

In the world of digital marketing for consumer lending, third party affiliate sites offer several advantages to both consumers and financial services providers. Building an internal valuation estimate for accounts booked through these sites is a first step for determining which leads will be profitable to begin with.

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Walker Flythe
Too Small To Succeed?

Ten years removed from the Great Recession, shifting market dynamics have taken us from “too big to fail” to “too small to succeed.” This different frame of reference allows us consider the future of small and mid-sized banks in the US - and discuss what these banks can do to compete and win in this ever-changing competitive environment.

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Ben SabloffBanking, FinTech