About AQN

What we do

AQN provides the tools, strategic guidance, and analytical resources to take our clients’ data-driven strategy to the next level.

When AQN starts working with a firm, we gain a deep understanding of your current economic situation and available opportunities. For example, we may start by building lifetime value estimates for each new customer you book. This tool will help you identify which products, marketing channels, risk buckets, and product terms are unprofitable. Also, it will enable you to test customer treatments; design products and strategies; and orient your firm in the marketplace related to competition.

Next, we use our new insights to make actionable decisions. We guide lenders through divestment from unprofitable segments; investment in tests of new segments; and performance optimization of existing accounts. The process of deciding these strategies is analytically rigorous, so we bring in practitioners to guide you.

Then, we build automated dashboards that highlight your firm’s KPI’s. Data-driven businesses constantly monitor KPI’s and experimental results to inform strategic adjustments. To be competitive, you need an efficient feedback loop that minimizes the time between making a decision, monitoring the outcome of the decision, and making adjustments based on the monitoring. We train executives to use the automated dashboards we build and teach organizations to shorten the feedback loop.

We focus on the use-case of reporting so that it aligns with your organizational strategy in a way that can’t be found anywhere else.


Our goal is to help lenders adopt a decision-making process that considers data at every step. We help our clients find, analyze, and use data to its full potential.

At AQN, we value impact for our clients and consultants. We use a data-driven approach to deliver impact to our clients that is a multiple of their engagement cost. We provide our consultants with cutting-edge technology, and have seen that this helps us realize the ambitious goals of our clients.


We’ve driven high-impact results at the world’s leading financial institutions.

We deliver solutions for a diverse client base that includes lenders, fintech startups, investors, and data providers. These firms typically operate in the credit card, auto finance, banking, and installment loan industries.

Here are a few examples of projects that we’ve worked on across the financial services industry. For multiple global banks, we implemented segment-level predictive lifetime value models. For a leading marketplace lending platform, we installed verifications capability to optimize risk and conversion trade-offs. For multiple leading investment firms, we provided assessments of credit portfolios, operational abilities, financial viability and more. We’ve also provided interchange and payments intelligence services for our clients.